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Purple Savoy cabbage is ready to harvest. Time for hot & sour soup!

Wordless Wednesday: Rainy Day Gardening

We’re blessed with a rainy day, and with it comes the promise that the lettuce seeds we planted earlier this week will germinate. Spring is here in Los Angeles and life springs forth once again. Here’s some inspiration to get out there and garden (or start seeds indoors if it’s still too cold).

Purple Savoy Cabbage
Purple Savoy cabbage is ready to harvest from our winter garden. Time for hot & sour soup!
Potatoes and peas Wordless
4 types of potatoes have started flowering, as have our snow peas. We planted these in January after harvesting sweet potatoes really late.
loquats ripening
Loquats just started turning color this week. Soon we’ll be eating sweet fruit.
lemon blossoms
Meyer lemons and their blossoms at the same time. Yay!
strawberries wordless
Strawberries are flowering and setting fruit for a spring crop. Bird netting protects them from critters.
pomegranate wordless wednesday
Our pomegranates are sending up a first flush of flowers. They usually fall off, but the third batch of flowers sets fruit. We’ve watered with compost tea and alfalfa meal so maybe some of these early blossoms will set fruit.
Dragon fruit buds
Update on our dragon fruit. We transplanted the budding stems into a larger pot with a little bit of fertilizer and BOOM! Look at them go! We water once per week.
Wisteria wordless wednesday
Wisteria blooms all through March. The fragrance is intoxicating.
Jasmine flowers
Pink Jasmine blossoms scent the air with sweetness.
sweet peas wordless
We plant purple sweet peas every November so we can pick the first flowers in late February or March. This year, because of rat activity, it’s March.
Manzanita flowers
Native California Manzanita shrubs have started flowering. Birds and pollinators love it. Find native plants for birds and other creatures here.

Enjoy rainy day gardening whenever you can. Drink up nature’s goodness and make big plans for spring!

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