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With rain comes mushrooms. Not safe to eat, unless you're an expert in mushroom ID.

Wordless Wednesday: The Garden Giveth

As winter approaches (spell check wouldn’t let me write approacheth) in our warm-winter climate, the garden giveth more. Rain makes gardening easier–it’s almost on autopilot. We get to harvest and pull weeds, but nature takes care of the rest. Here’s what’s growin’ on at Gardenerd HQ this season.

wordless Wednesday mushrooms
With rain comes mushrooms. Not safe to eat, unless you’re an expert in mushroom ID. But we know our fungal network is strong.
wordless wednesday kale bed
Our kale bed took some rat damage even though protected with floating row cover. Our rat traps caught 2 this morning, so things are looking up! The garden giveth and taketh away.
wordless wedneday celeriac
Celeriac grows great in fall in warm-winter climates. We love it in pureed in soups.
Wordless wednesday tree kale
Tree kale is happy year round, but especially in winter.
wordless wedneday cabbage
Purple Savoy and Violaceo di Verona cabbages, Romanesco and Rosalind broccoli are coming along.
Wordless wednesday strawberries
Strawberries begin their winter production cycle. We love strawberries in winter. Bird netting keeps them safe.
cover crop eaten
Our cover crop has been the snack bar for rats. Better that than our kale.
wordless wednesday bulbs
Hyacinth bulbs begin to send up shoots. Our winter is everyone else’s spring.
Mittens and rain barrels
Mittens guards our full rain barrels in the back.
Wordless Wednesday seed catalogs
December equals seed catalogs! These have already arrived. More to come. Find our favorites on our Links page.

Whether your garden giveth this winter or it’s tucked away for the season, enjoy yourself during this colder, darker, more reflective time of year.

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