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Loofah seedling is ready to be planted out after hardening off.

Wordless Wednesday – Spring Planting

Busy times, people. Spring planting is on! We’re planting gardens (our own and clients’). Squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, lettuces, basil, and edamame are all going in the ground. Some from seed, some as transplants. It’s that anxious waiting game to see what will sprout. What a great time to be alive! Enjoy these moments every day. Here’s what’s growin’ on in our spring Test Garden these days.

Wordless Wednesday Cumin sprouts
Tender cumin sprouts we successfully germinated after years of trying.
Wordless wendesday loofah
Loofah seedling is ready to be planted out after hardening off. Grow your own shower scrubby!
Wordless wednesday kamut
Kamut in the pollination stage. Anthers emerge and pollination begins.
Tess’s Landrace tomato is first to flower.
Wordless wednesday strawberries
Strawberries stay safe under bird netting. Keeps away our rats, squirrels and whatever else wants them.
Wordless wednesday poppies
White poppies make another appearance in our test garden. We’re excited to have them back and hope they multiply.
Wordless wednesday blackberries
Blackberries are in full bloom. We’ll be eating them next month.
Wordless wednesday cilantro
This is the time of year when cilantro volunteers all over the garden. We’ll take it wherever we can get it.
Wordless Wednesday lemon verbena
Lemon verbena is leafing out with fragrant new growth. Soon it will be time to make ice cream.
wordless wednesday lemon blooms
Lemon and other citrus trees are blooming now for late summer/early fall fruit.

Get out there and plant something!

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