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First time growing Blue Kuri squash. Our first fruit showed up and we hand pollinated it.

Wordless Wednesday: June Delights

Summer Solstice is almost here, but since school is out and days are longer, it feels like summer already. It’s time to watch plants grow, and to enjoy harvests from the garden. It’s also time to tackle problems like pests, insufficient nutrients in soils, and diseases that set in right about now. Take action early to avoid compounding the problem and enjoy June Delights. Here’s what’s growin’ on in the Gardenerd Test Garden.

Wordless Wednesday cucumber
Early Russian Cucumbers are always the first to set fruit.
Wordless Wednesday corn
Stowells Evergreen sweet corn is knee high before the 4th of July. We’ll scanning for army worms already.
Wordless Wednesday Jalapeno
Jalapeño peppers set fruit after a feeding of compost tea.
Wordless Wednesday leafhopper
We have a serious leafhopper problem this year. They leave white stipple marks on squash and just about everything else. They over winter in the soil, so we’ll be applying a lot more compost tea this season, to interrupt the life cycle.
Wordless Wednesday sweet potatoes
Sweet potatoes are growing and sending up flowers. This one is in a deep container.
Wordless Wednesday Fuji Apple
Our apple tree was transplanted from a stressful situation early this year. Now it’s starting to fruit! Watch this video for how we saved it.
Wordless Wednesday chicken forage
Chicken forage mix growing in a trough planter. We’ll give it to the hens soon.
Wordless Wednesday basil
8 different types of basil have finally sprouted. Time to thin seedlings to one strong plant each.
Wordless Wednesday coriander
Cilantro becomes coriander. Just let it go to seed. We’ll collect these seeds for kitchen use when they dry.
Wordless Wednesday Blue Kuri Squash
First time growing Blue Kuri squash. Our first fruit showed up and we hand pollinated it.
Wordless Wednesday Jicama
Jicama finally sprouted after 3 attempts! We soaked seeds for 24 hours and direct seeded them in warm soil (we tried indoors prior to this, but none germinated). So exciting!

Enjoy the ups and downs of the growing season. Stay vigilant and enjoy the bounty of June Delights.

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