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Blue hyacinth awakens in an abandoned pot.

Wordless Wednesday: Happy Spring!

Spring is officially here! To celebrate, we’re sharing some photos from the garden. Wisteria is blooming, hummingbirds are whizzing by, and flowers are attracting pollinators. It’s a beautiful time to be still in the garden.

Wordless Wednesday anemone Huntington
Blue poppy anemones burst with color at the Huntington Library and Gardens.
Wordless wednesday mustard Huntington
Mustard bolts to seed at the Huntington Library and Gardens.
Wordless Wednesday ladybug Huntington
Ladybugs are attracted to umbel-type flowers.
Wordless Wednesday Beneficial Flowers
Calendula, California Poppies and Love in a Mist volunteer in the yard.
Wordless Wednesday Hyacinth
Blue hyacinth awakens in an abandoned pot.
Wordless Wednesday brassica flower
Brassicas bolt to seed and feed bees and other pollinators along the way.
Wordless Wednesday Hummingbird
A hummingbird poses for a glamor shot.
Winnetka Purple artichoke wordless wednesday
Winnetka Purple artichokes grown from seed. Maybe we’ll get seeds this year to return to the Seed Library of Los Angeles.
Wordless Wednesday Kamut
Kamut (pronounced Kamooooo, believe it or not) grows in a small patch. Finally seed heads appear, just in time for spring.
Wordless Wednesday Pomegranate leaves
A young pomegranate tree leafs out for the second time.
Wordless Wednesday Loquats ripen
Loquats ripen on a small tree. We try to pick them before the squirrels get them.
Wordless Wednesday tomato seedlings
Tomato seedlings under grow lights. Soon we’ll thin to one per pot.

Enjoy spring to its fullest! It’s time to prep beds for planting. It’s time to turn compost piles. It’s time to get your hands in the dirt.

Plant something (indoors or outside, whichever works for you). Eat salad greens, pick fruit, watch flowers bloom. Feel the change in weather slowly take over the garden. This is the stuff of life!

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