Plan Your Bee-Friendly Garden

Today’s post includes an infographic sent by Budget Direct down under. It shares how to create a bee-friendly garden for your local pollinator population. While here at Gardenerd we always recommend starting with native plants for your particular climate and hardiness zone, here are plants from around the world that will help keep bees and other pollinators well-fed during the year.

Bee-friendly gardens are happy gardens. Plan for yours this summer for spring success.

Bee-friendly plants from around the world, and ways to create habitat for pollinators in your yard.

Plan your fall garden to include some of these bee-friendly plants. Next spring you’ll have all the pollinators you could ask for.

For more information about growing bee-friendly plants for your garden check out these blog posts & videos:

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  1. ANNAREED says:

    Thank you for bringing all the things we need to know about developing a friendly garden here.
    It was very helpful to me.

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