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Green and partly green tomatoes can be ripened easily.

Ripening Green Tomatoes

When a client mentioned that she still has a ton of green tomatoes on her plants, but needs to pull them to make room for fall crops, it occurred to me that not everyone knows the old newspaper trick for ripening tomatoes. So here it is:

Ripening Green Tomatoes

Ripening green tomatoes
Green and partly green tomatoes can be ripened easily.
  1. Take a sheet from any black and white printed newspaper section that you don’t read.
  2. Place a single tomato (or a small group) on the newspaper.

    ripening green tomatoes1
    Fold newspaper around the tomatoes loosely.
  3. Wrap the tomato (or group of tomatoes) in the newspaper.
  4. Place the bundle on the counter and wait.
ripening green tomatoes 2
Tuck the ends under the bundle. No need for tape.

It’s that easy! Check every few days to see if any tomatoes have ripened. After a week or so, your green tomatoes will be ripe!

ripening green tomatoes3
A striped Roman tomato that was ripened in newspaper.

Some say it is best to wrap tomatoes individually, but we experimented with wrapping several together and it worked fine. Store your wrapped tomatoes in a crate over winter in a basement, if you are lucky enough to have one. Or use those tomatoes up as they ripen.

If you’d rather eat your tomatoes green, we have a favorite way to prepare Fried Green Tomatoes. Either way, enjoy your tomatoes while you can!

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