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Justin West, co-founder of ThriveLot

Podcast: Thriving with Justin West

Our guest this week on the Gardenerd Tip of the Week Podcast is Justin West, co-founder of Thrive Lot. Justin developed Thrive Lot after a decade in a successful career in marketing.

He and his co-founders wanted to create an easy way for homeowners to bring their vegetable and fruit gardening dreams to life. Now he helps create food forests and edible ecosystems across the United States.

Justin West, co-founder of ThriveLot

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Some of the harvest from ThriveLot’s gardens

Resources from Justin West

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Moringa – Yep. If Justin West can grow it in Tennessee, so can you

Grow native plants, feverfew, catnip, and buckwheat to attract braconid (parasitic) wasps and provide habitat for pollinators and beneficial insects

Learn more about Permaculture and who to create guilds here

Justin West Shares Mangoes from this ThriveLot
Mangoes in a ThriveLot

Want to learn more about creating your own ecosystem? Watch this video on beneficial insectaries.

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