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Podcast: Gardenary with Nicole Burke

This week we’re talking with Nicole Burke of Gardenary. She created a successful gardening business built on efficient edible gardening techniques. She shares some of her knowledge and expertise in this episode of the Gardenerd Tip of the Week Podcast.

Nicole has gardened in both warm-winter and frosty climates. Which means she has the experience of what works in both places. We chat about growing food in small spaces, and how Gardenery came about.

Nicole with her garden
Nicole Burke showcases baskets of harvested veggies from her garden. Photo by Eric Kelly.

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Visit Gardenary and Rooted Garden – Nicole’s websites for her gardening businesses

Garden Coach Society – want to be a garden coach? Check it out.

Find Nicole’s book, Kitchen Garden Revival and her other guides here

Interested in Nicole’s online courses? Find them here

Follow Nicole and Gardenary on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube

Listen to Nicole’s podcast here

Some of Nicole’s favorite seeds / plants to grow:

Sungold, Juliet, and Black Cherry tomatoes – available at most nurseries

Blue Scotch curled kale

Rocky Top mix – lettuces that pack a lot of punch in a small space

Shishito peppers, French Breakfast radishes, Suyo Long cucumbers

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