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Podcast: Raised Bed Gardening with Conor Fitzpatrick

This week’s podcast guest is Conor Fitzpatrick, founder of MiniFarmBox and owner of Fig Earth Supply nursery in Highland Park, CA. He shares his tips for growing veggies, fruits, and medicinal herbs in small spaces.

Conor Fitzpatrick MiniFarmBox
The day I met Conor Fitzpatrick he was riding his mobile garden trike at Artisinal LA.

Raised Bed Gardening

Conor shares how MiniFarmBox came into being, and what followed with his brick and mortar shop, Fig Earth Supply. Now his gardening advice reaches a broader audience, instead of just local Angenlinos.

Fig Earth Supply, the nursery and event space in Highland Park, CA.

Our conversation covers medicinal herbs, or “Medicine Plants”, as Conor likes to call them; Conor’s trick for higher pepper yields; and much more.

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Upcoming classes at Fig Earth Supply in Los Angeles

Conor’s nifty planting menus – suggestions for what to plant where in a 4×4′ small-space garden

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Sweet Corn is interplanted with Sweet potatoes, which return every year in our MiniFarmBox.

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