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John and Molly Chester holding John's children's book about Emma the Pig.

Podcast: The Biggest Little Farm with John and Molly Chester

This week’s guests are John and Molly Chester, the owners of Apricot Lane Farms and stars of a fantastic new documentary opening in theaters on May 10, 2019, The Biggest Little Farm. I visited Apricot Lane Farms for Press Day to tour the farm and interview this brave duo.

John and Molly Chester Biggest Little Farm
John and Molly Chester holding John’s children’s book about Emma the Pig.

The Biggest Little Farm is the story of how the Chesters transformed 200 acres of abandoned land in Moorpark, CA, into a thriving biodynamic farm. The documentary highlights the struggles along the way, and the invaluable lessons learned over the past 8 years.

Talking with the Chesters

My conversation with John and Molly covers a lot of ground. We talk about creating a balanced ecosystem in your garden/farm, healthy soil, and the rewards the follow. They share their tips for improving both soil flora and your gut flora.

The Biggest Little Farm Poster
Go see The Biggest Little Farm

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Visit Apricot Lane Farms for a Tour

Stay tuned for our blog post about our visit to Apricot Lane Farms!

Apricot Lane Farms The Biggest Little Farm
Press Day at Apricot Lane Farms. Stay tuned!

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