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Tomato seedlings under grow lights. They're nearly ready to go in the ground.

Wordless Wednesday: Spring Activity

There is a lot of spring activity in the garden. And with a fresh downpour this week, the garden is jumping to life. Flowers in bloom bring hope for future fruits and veggies. As the winter garden wanes, we make room for new crops. Here’s some inspiration to get you though the week.

Wordless Wednesday spring harvest
Baby cabbage, short-variety carrots, and second-chance kohlrabi (after rats ate the original bulbs, they developed anew) are harvested to make room for spring crops. It’s a motley crew but still delicious.
parsnip harvest
Parsnips harvested from the fall-planted garden are ready for soups and stews. Legs for days on these babies.
lettuces bolting
Lettuces bolt to seed by growing tall in the center. Time to pull them, amend the bed and plant squash & cucumbers in this bed.
harvested compost
Freshly harvested compost from the cold-compost bin. We’ll sift it again before adding it to beds.
mint in pot
Mint begins to regrow after going dormant over winter. Cut back old growth and watch the plant be reborn. Spot the wayward blackberry canes if you can.
blackberries wordless wednesday
Blackberries flower and set fruit. Soon we’ll have fresh berries for breakfast and smoothies.
chamomile flowers
Chamomile volunteered from last year’s laziness. The tea is grassy and floral. The rain beat them up a bit, but they’re still good for tea.
purple artichokes
Our purple artichokes have made an appearance. After harvesting the lead choke, the rest grow larger. We grew these from seed. If you want to know more about that process, read here.
Borage wordless wednesday
Borage flowers along the borders of the garden. They volunteer every year without fail.
milkweed monarch caterpillar
Milkweed is flowering and providing sustenance for Monarch caterpillars.

Whatever stage your garden is currently in, now is the time to plan, amend, plant, and enjoy the changes happening each day. Here’s to a promising spring season!

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