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Do you know how to pronounce this kale? We'll show you.

YouTube: Italian Vegetable Pronunciations

We hear people struggle to pronounce Italian vegetable varieties all the time. Chioggia, Lacinato, the list goes on. We’re here to help. Yours truly studied the Italian language in college (okay, granted I can’t remember most of it) but certain things stick. Learn our tricks for remembering these Italian vegetable pronunciations and you’ll never forget how to say them again.

Italian Vegetable Pronunciations

Now that you’ve got it, here are some tips and tricks for using those words in action:

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Saving Kale Seeds

Recipe: Northern Spy Kale Salad

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Practice makes perfect, right? Read the blog posts above, refer to our helpful video and try it out on your pets. Then make some great meals with the recipes above. Eat up and enjoy!

We used Cocozelle Italian zucchini - cool stripes!
We used Cocozelle Italian zucchini – cool stripes!

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  1. Dana

    What a kick! Yes, Ive pronounced them incorrectly. My daughter, who–like you–studied Italian in college, is eager to correct me. . . I’m improving! I did noticed that the Gardenerd might pay better attention to subject/verb agreement in her audio posts.

    1. Christy

      You got me there. I have been accused of glitching my subject/verb agreements in the past, as well as my pronouns. Thanks, Teach!

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