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Robert Kourik in his garden. Photo by Anthony Pagani

Podcast: Gardening Myths & Solutions with Robert Kourik

This week we chat with a long-time colleague and fellow gardenerd, Robert Kourik. He’s the author of 18 gardening books that focus on organic integrated systems, permaculture, irrigation, and edible landscaping.

His newest book, Sustainable Food Gardens: Myths and Solutions is packed full of myth-busting data and his research from working in the field since 1978. We recorded the podcast in October of 2021, and we explored the myths gardener’s encounter every season.

Sustainable Food Gardens: Myths & Solutions
Sustainable Food Gardens: Myths & Solutions

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Visit Robert Kourik’s website

Find books by Robert Kourik here

Free fertilizers Robert mentions in his book – fava beans, green manures, stinging nettles (calcium & nitrogen).

Make stinging nettle soup from your free fertilizer.

Veganic Gardening – by Kenneth Dalziel O’Brien – grow your own inputs

Linda Walter Scott – Robert mentioned her argument about allelopathy. He has proof that such a thing exists in his books.

Robert Kourik's research
This chart shows how many beneficial hover flies are what distance from the vegetables and three flower types

Divest yourself of garden myths with Robert’s new book. You’ll be amazed at the research. And you’ll learn how to implement the solutions in your garden.

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