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Helen discusses her new book and the research behind it.

Podcast: Eliminate Fertilizers with Helen Atthowe

We’re back! Our guest this week on the Gardenerd Tip of the week Podcast is Helen Atthowe. She is a celebrated pioneer in eco-organic methods and owner of Woodleaf Farm which has moved to its third location in Western Montana.

Helen’s decades of farming experience and research with her late husband helped her develop techniques to reduce and eventually eliminate fertilizer inputs. These methods are documented in her new book, The Ecological Farm.

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Get the Ecological Farm. It’s a wonderful resource for eliminating fertilizers in your garden.


Visit Woodleaf Farm’s website here

Get your copy of The Ecological Farm by Helen Atthowe

Check out Helen Atthowe’s other website about veganic permaculture here

Watch her videos on her YouTube channel

One Straw Revolution – inspiration for Helen’s way of farming, by Masanobu Fukuoka

Ruth Stout – watch this documentary short another pioneer in gardening with full-time ground covers

Cover Crops – suggested cover crops include teff, annual clovers, legumes, hairy vetch, and more. Learn move about cover crops on here

Ward Labs – purveyors of the Haney Test for microbially active carbon testing

Parsnip flowers are Helen’s favorite umbeliferae flower for pollinators

Start incorporating living mulches and mulch residues into your gardening practice and see the changes come to life. It’s not necessarily easy (but it can be), but it’s more in alignment with nature.

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