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Podcast: Composting with Naomi Wentworth

This week’s guest, Naomi Wentworth, goes beyond basic composting with her company, The Compost Group. She started a local compost hub in San Diego, CA, and uses her work in climate policy to fuel her endeavors.

In our conversation, Naomi extols the benefits of compost and composting. She also shares how threading the legal loopholes of the waste management industry will save the planet.

Naomi Wentworth Compost Tumbler
Naomi Wentworth stands by the giant compost tumbler that turns food waste into biologically active compost.

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Naomi Wentworth Compost Group
The results are beautiful and beneficial to your soil.


Visit Naomi’s website, The Compost Group here.

Follow The Compost Group on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

Want to buy their compost? Check out Second Life Soil here.

If you’re in the San Diego area, find a compost drop near you.

Dr. Elaine Ingham – if you haven’t watched any of her videos or taken her Soil Food Web course, check it out here.

Vermicompost – don’t have room for a compost bin? Start a worm bin. Here’s how.

Compost Group Impact
Composting is beneficial to our ecosystem, and your garden. Here’s what the Compost Group has done so far.

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