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Podcast: Mini Meadows with Mike Lizotte

Our guest this week is Mike Lizotte of American Meadows. He’s better known as “the Seed Man” because of his passion for planting wildflower gardens.

Mike is also the author of the book, Mini Meadows: Grow a Little Patch of Wildflowers Anywhere Around Your Yard. He’s been featured in Joe Lamp’l’s Growing A Greener World, and he lives and gardens in Vermont with his family.

MIke Lizotte Seed Man
Mike Lizotte, AKA the Seed Man. Photo by Rob Cardillo.

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Mini meadow Mike Lizotte
One of Mike’s mini meadows


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For drought tolerant plants and seeds, visit High Country Gardens.

Some Things We Talked About:

Cold Stratification – what is it and how do you do it? Find out here.

Annuals to plant – zinnia, calendula, California poppies, clarkia, coreopsis, sunflowers, cosmos, and larkspur.

Perennials to plant – daisy, echinacea, foxglove, wild lupin, penstemon, black-eyed Susan.

Watch Mike plant a meadow in this video on Joe Lamp’l’s show!

We hope you feel inspired to plant a mini meadow where you live. Even if it’s in a planter or a long narrow strip along a pathway, go for it!

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