You are currently viewing Podcast: Fruit Trees In the Desert with Greg Peterson
Greg Peterson has proven techniques to keep fruit trees thriving in desert gardens.

Podcast: Fruit Trees In the Desert with Greg Peterson

Our guest on the Gardenerd Tip of the Week Podcast this week is Greg Peterson of The Urban Farm in Phoenix, Arizona. Greg is a permaculturist and green living innovator specializing in urban sustainability and growing food on dry lands.

The Urban Farm features an entirely edible landscape, more than 70 fruit trees, solar power, water catchment and gray water systems, and more. Greg is full of energy and great ideas for keeping your garden thriving in hot places.

The Urban Farm is a nursery and education center in Phoenix, Arizona.

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The Urban Farm
The Urban Farm looks lush even though it’s in the middle of the desert.


Visit the Urban Farm website here

Find out more about the Urban Farm’s online courses here, and their Tree Care Program

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Oh, and listen to Greg’s interview with Christy on his podcast here. We chat about growing fruit trees in small spaces, Christy’s new book, and so much more.

Greg Peterson in the mulch
Greg has a special relationship with mulch, and so should you!

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