You are currently viewing Podcast: Pest Control Tips with Susan Mulvihill

Podcast: Pest Control Tips with Susan Mulvihill

We’re excited to talk pest control with Susan Mulvihill this week on the Gardenerd Tip of the Week Podcast. Susan uses IPM to manage pests in her garden, and her latest book, The Vegetable Garden Pest Handbook, gives gardenerds the tools they need to tackle any pest problem.

In our conversation, Susan shares a few nifty tricks for keeping pests at bay. We also talk about strategies for inviting beneficial insects to the garden to do the work for you.

Susan Mulvihill summer garden
Susan in her summer garden with squash, berries, tomatoes, and melons.

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Vegetable Garden Pest Handbook
The Vegetable Garden Pest Handbook cross-references pest charts with veggie charts to help you diagnose and treat your pest problems. Use this link to support Gardenerd.
Susan Mulvihill beans
Susan stands under her bean arbor where she gets a bumper crop every year.


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Floating row cover – a great way to keep pests from laying eggs on your crops.

Tulle – also known as bridal veil netting, is what Susan uses instead of floating row cover to protect her crops (see image below).

Long-legged Flies – a great predator to attract to your garden

Lacewings – more well-known, these guys eat aphids and a lot of other pests.

Snake fly – wow, these are impressive. Try to find one in your garden.

Tulle as pest control
Tulle covers cabbage plants for complete protection while letting light and water through. Be sure to get “premium quality” tulle for a tighter weave.

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