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New Year’s Resolutions 2019

New Year’s resolutions are tough. I’m torn between motivation to make changes, and residual exhaustion from last year telling me to take it easy. Usually that exhaustion wains as spring draws near, as excitement for new seedlings permeates my world. So with hope in the wings, here are two resolutions to share for the coming year:



We all know that self-care is hard. We sacrifice ourselves for our families, for clients, for the cause. It’s easy to burn out. That’s why this year, self-care is more important than ever. What does it look like to you? Maybe it’s taking that bread making class you’ve always wanted to take. Maybe it’s a weekly soak in the tub with herbs from the garden. Or maybe it’s just carving out time to walk, write, or read everyday instead of disappearing down the rabbit hole of social media. I know I feel better when I’m out in nature instead of staring at my computer.

For me, I plan to drink plenty of water (which I forget to do), stretch my body (which is finally recovered from several injuries), and read novels (okay, and gardening books – but that’s for work too).

Dazzling Blue Kale

Make One Change for the Planet

The recent report from the International Panel on Climate Change shows that we have 10 years to turn our habits around (starting yesterday) in order to reverse climate change. I hoped to see massive shifts in government, behavior, and consumerism when I read that. Instead it’s business as usual. So it’s up to us, folks.

Last year, I became acquainted with Drawdown – a book with an overwhelming list of things we can do to reverse climate change. Most changes must occur on a business or government level, but we contribute to those changes with how we spend our money. There are also changes we can make ourselves and in our communities.

In the Top 20 Solutions – 8 are food related:

Even though some of these things seem out of our reach as home gardeners, we can support these efforts by spending our food dollars with companies that participate in these solutions. We can donate to organizations that work to bring these solutions to life.

We can also participate in our own back yards with solutions lower on the list like composting (which ties directly to #3 Food Waste) and biochar. In our homes we can focus on non-garden-related solutions like Educating Women and Girls, Ridesharing, and Telepresence.

Pick one thing to do for the planet this year and share it with your family. Ask them to chose one thing…watch the movement spread. After all, if we don’t do it no one will.


Whatever New Year’s Resolution you adopt, let’s work together to stay motivated through the year, not just until Feb. 1. Post your resolutions below so we can support you along the way.

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