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Gardener's Supply discontinued this bumper sticker years ago.

Giveaway: Random Acts of Gardening

It appears that the holiday season has officially begun, so in the spirit of giving, we’re digging into our treasure trove for something special to give away to you, our faithful gardenerd readership.

Oh, it’s special, believe me. In fact, it’s not even available anymore. That’s right, you can’t get this gem anywhere else. What is it? Behold:

Our giveaway: Gardener's Supply discontinued this bumper sticker years ago.
Gardener’s Supply discontinued this bumper sticker years ago. We have one left!

Funny how something becomes more valuable once it’s not available anymore? We thought so. So how do you win this fantastic, no-longer-available bumper sticker? Here’s how:

1) Go to our Facebook page and click ‘like’

Already a fan? Then follow us on Twitter.

Already doing both of those? Then connect with us on Instagram.

2) Post a comment below about what random act of gardening you might engage in, should you win this bumper sticker.

That’s it!

One lucky winner will be chosen at random (social media connections will be verified). Entry deadline is Wednesday, November 12. The winner of the giveaway will be announced in our weekly e-blast on Thursday, November 13.

Here’s one idea to get you started: The pothole gardener

Good luck!

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  1. Brad Grimm

    I plan to randomly give milkweed seeds to a coworker and explain how milkweed benefits the monarch butterfly.

  2. Helen

    Randomly gifting produce to everyone I know because I ended up with 40+ tomato plants (and I gave away 40-odd baby plants to everyone with garden space)

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