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John Kohler grows healthy food for a thriving body.

Podcast: Growing Your Greens with John Kohler

John Kohler of Growing Your Greens stopped by Gardenerd HQ to shoot a video for his YouTube channel, so I took the opportunity to interview him for the Podcast. John shared a lot of information in under 30 minutes.

We chat about John’s journey toward recovery from a life-threatening illness, growing techniques for extreme weather, and the unusual crops that can boost your health. It gets pretty nerdy along the way.

John Kohler of Growing Your Greens
John Kohler grows healthy food for a thriving body.

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Mentions in the Interview with John Kohler

Ashitaba – a Japanese plant you may recognize as Angelica keiskei, the stems, leaves, and roots of which are used for medicinal purposes and in cooking (noodles, tea, etc).

Gynura procumbens (Longevity Spinach) – Watch John’s video on growing this plant that is used for medicinal remedies ranging from acid reflux to diabetes.

Water Spinach (Ipomoea aquatica) – this plant is in the Morning Glory family so it’s probably banned from certain parts of the United States.

Aloe vera ‘Miller stockton’ touted as the most beneficial variety of all Aloe vera plants.

Chaya Tree another beneficial plant to grow. We’ve seen this grown in pots and in the ground. They do best in the ground. It looks like a papaya tree, but you eat the leaves.

Learn more about our research on the best way to propagate tree kale (tree collards) in our YouTube Video.


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Tree kale, a perennial vegetable with deep roots.

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