Even Pumpkins

We got a fine question at Ask Gardenerd this week:

I just harvested my pumpkins. They all are a very beautiful orange
color.  However, after rolling them over, all are flat on the bottom side
that was next to the ground, and a white color is on that side.  What can I do
next year to prevent this?"

Yea for pumpkins!  It's so satisfying to harvest them after all that time and space (they get so big and sprawl everywhere) over the summer.  Here's a very easy thing that you can do to solve both the white color ...

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Pumpkins on the Early Side

Believe it or not, our pumpkins have finished up already this year.  The vine has dried up and those bright orange globes are littered about the garden, just waiting for fall holiday celebrations.  But we had a good reason to put them to use right away in the middle of summer - curiosity. 

You may recall an earlier post where I talked about the crazy pumpkins taking over the yard:  Houston, we have some Squash!

What I didn't mention is that, even though I hand pollinated all of those pumpkins, only 1 of them actually came out ...

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