You are currently viewing YouTube: Kale Trick to Extend Your Plants

YouTube: Kale Trick to Extend Your Plants

If you like having kale year-round, try this kale trick to extend your plants into a new season. Our latest YouTube video explains how to use old roots to foster new growth on your kale plants. P.S. it works with other brassica crops as well.

We use this trick here at Gardenerd HQ to prolong the life of our kale plants once they’ve either bolted to seed or become infested with aphids. It’s a simple solution you can implement in your own garden.

Kale Trick to Extend Your Plants

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Kale brings happiness and balance to our garden.


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Whether you are growing broccoli, kale, or cabbage this fall, use this trick to bring back tired plants next year for an extended crop. Save money, save your soil, and enjoy the benefits of growing on established roots.

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