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YouTube: How to Plan Your Fall Garden

Our latest video takes you behind the scenes to see how to plan your fall garden on paper each season. It’s time to start the process. And this process will help you move forward with an informed plan for how many plants to buy, seeds to start, and a rough sense of timing for the whole operation.

There are many factors to take into consideration during the process. We illustrate the most important steps to consider early on as you plan: crop rotation, plant families, and feeder needs. If your garden has been plagued with pests and diseases, or under-performing, this guide will help.

How To Plan Your Fall Garden

Learn our tricks for planning your fall garden


If you need help figuring out what to plant this season, here’s our annual guide.

Need a written list? Read our fall newsletter for more info.

Want to learn more about plant families? Check this out.

Visit our Links page for some of our favorite seed companies before shopping for seeds.

Keep checking our Classes Page for upcoming fall garden planning workshops to go deeper into the subject.

Fall plans for the garden are complete. We’re ready to start seeds.

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