You are currently viewing YouTube: Dealing with Peach Leaf Curl

YouTube: Dealing with Peach Leaf Curl

Our latest video is all about Peach Leaf Curl and how to deal with it. What is Peach Leaf Curl? It’s a scary looking fungus that attacks your stone fruit trees and makes them look awful. Long-term repercussions are not great either.

This video will guide you though the explanation of what it is, how it affects your trees, and what to do about it. Watch and get out your calendar to be ready for when it strikes.

Dealing with Peach Leaf Curl

Find out what it is and how to deal with it.

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How do you brew fungal dominant compost tea? Get the basics here – to make it fungal dominant, you need to grow fungus on your compost before brewing with it. You can do that by sprinkling it with ground up oats. Keep it moist and wait a few days for the fuzz to start growing. Once it’s ready, dump it into your compost tea bag and get brewing. Brew for no more than 18-24 hours and distribute it immediately.

Aeration is key to biologically active compost tea. Air tubes run along the metal frame

Our favorite compost tea brewer is this one.

Don’t be afraid to dive into compost tea as a solution for many soil and pest issues. If you do it right (and we absolutely recommend taking classes from Dr. Elaine Ingham to learn the scientific way to do it) you’ll find the benefits outweigh the expense every time. Check it out and learn something new this year.

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