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Monarch caterpillars stripping the last of the milkweed.

Wordless Wednesday: Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice is tomorrow, the shortest day of the year. Dark at 4:30 is sad, but it’s temporary. From this point forward, the days get longer. Here we celebrate the beauty of winter even with no snow or frost in sight.

Winter Solstice

Ladybug on parsley
Lady bugs hang out on parsley that has bolted to seed.
wordless wednesday Shelling Peas
Shelling peas begin to flower as they climb the trellis.
Wordless Wednesday navel orange
‘Tis the season for Navel oranges. Fa la la la la, la la la la.
Praying mantis egg casing wordless wednesday
Praying Mantis egg casing found on our apple tree.
Wordless wednesday strawberries
Everybearing strawberries usually give us a harvest in December. We feel so lucky to have them.
Monarch caterpillars wordless wednesday
Monarch caterpillars stripping the last of the milkweed.
Monarch chrysalis Wordless wednesday
A Monarch chrysalis nestled in the mint. The wings are starting to darken inside.
wordless wednesday tomatoesQ
Yes, we have tomatoes in December. These Missouri Pinks just keep going.

Whether your garden is covered with snow or providing you with daily greens, Happy holidays and happy Winter Solstice from our garden to yours!

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