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Winter squash harvest basket

Wordless Wednesday: Thanksgiving Garden

We’re hard at work cooking for Thanksgiving over here at Gardenerd HQ. But there’s always time to share the latest eye-candy from the fall garden.

Some beds are just getting started, but others are heading toward a first harvest already. Enjoy this progress report from us, and Happy Thanksgiving!

New Beginnings

Kohlrabi and broccoli under floating row cover. Kohlrabi will be ready to pick after Thanksgiving
Kohlrabi and broccoli under floating row cover
Radishes planted square foot garden style
Radishes planted square foot garden style. Check out our latest video on the difference between spring and winter radishes.
Bottle Garden
Lettuces are growing under little cloches to keep them safe as they leaf out.
Sugar Snap Peas
Sugar Snap Peas begin to reach for the trellis.
Thanksgiving Mittens
Mittens is on alert for woodland creatures (we have no woodland, but plenty of rats).

Fall Harvest Thanksgiving

bok choy wordless Wednesday
Bok choy is ready to start harvesting individual leaves.
Purple sweet potato harvest. For Thanksgiving.
Purple sweet potatoes just keep giving. This is year 7 that we’ve harvested without having to plant again.
nasturtiums for thanksgiving
Nasturtiums are starting their advance across the yard. You can make winter pesto with this leaf and flower.

Still Waiting

Our tangerines are turning color. It will be another month before they’re ready to test for sweetness.
Navel oranges
An off year for our Navel orange tree, only three fruit on the whole tree following a massive pruning.

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