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This Swallowtail caterpillar is feasting on parsley.

Wordless Wednesday: Summer Fades But Continues

The garden is looking downtrodden as summer fades, but it’s been through a long season and there’s still a month or so to go before we plant cool weather crops here in Los Angeles. We’re doing our best to keep on keeping on, so here’s some inspiration to keep going amid all the chaos in the world.

Royal Corona Beans
We grew these giant Royal Corona Beans from seeds given to us by our friend Dana Morgan. 4 seeds have turned into more than 70 so far. More to come!
Swallowtail caterpillar
This Swallowtail caterpillar is feasting on parsley.
Ms Junie Hatch Pepper
Ms. Junie Hatch Red X Hot Pepper is starting to ripen.
Wordless Wednesday Watermelon ready
When the tendrils turn brown, watermelons are ready to harvest. Read more about it here.
Our perennial luffah vine keeps putting out shower scrubbers. It’s growing in our Green Stalk and has been for a couple years. (Use our discount code: GSGARDENERD)
Rat damage Blue Kuri
Our Blue Kuri squash is being nibbled on at night. Time to bring indoors and set traps.
Koginut squash wordless wednesday
This late-planted Koginut squash from Row 7 Seeds is going crazy and is full of fruit. It’s a hybrid, so it’s bred to be prolific.
Carolina Sieva Beans
Carolina Sieva Beans are drying down a little early. Not sure why, but they’re still good. We had some gopher activity, so that might account for it.
Tithonia volunteered in our yard. These Mexican sunflowers are beloved by butterflies.
comfrey flowers
Comfrey flowers are gracing the end of summer garden.
Fig beetle corn stalk
A dead fig beetle on our dead corn stalks marks the end of summer.
Bees are buzzing Wordless Wednesday
Our bees are happiest when harvesting pollen and nectar from our Brazilian pepper tree that is blooming now. We will harvest some of the honey next month.

Take time to enjoy the garden as it wanes, and start planning your fall garden (or planting if you live in a cold-winter climate). This is just a brief pause before another season begins!

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