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Baby carrots didn't grow to maturity, but they're still tasty, and cute.

Wordless Wednesday: A Flurry of Garden Activity

Spring is busting out all over here at Gardenerd HQ. We’re pulling winter crops, amending beds, and planting new crops. But the garden is putting on a show all the while. Here’s some inspiration for the week. Get out there and plant something!

Wordless Wednesday baby carrots
These carrots didn’t grow to maturity, but they’re still tasty, and cute.
Purple artichoke
Our purple artichokes are sending up shoots and are ready to start picking. These are in large pots, so they can be grown anywhere!
Wordless Wednesday blackberries
Our blackberries are flowering and fruiting late this year (for us). Still we anticipate eating fresh berries by the end of this month.
Golden Berry
Our golden berries are producing like a perennial crop. Planted last year.
Wordless Wednesday peas
Snow peas that didn’t turn out like snow peas, and sugar snap peas, have taken over the trellis. Vertical gardening saves space and looks great.
Cloches over spinach
Our “bottle garden” features home made cloches over delicate spinach sprouts. These keep the seedlings protected until they are big enough to withstand pests.
Hens in heaven
Our chickens are the beneficiaries of all our spent brassica crops. They get the outer leaves of cabbages and Romanesco and we get the heads. It’s win-win!
Monarch catterpilar
Evidence of the Monarch’s migration through Los Angeles.
Wordless Wednesday celeriac
Celeriac grows in a biodegradable hemp pot with a makeshift tag made from an old 4″ pot.
Green onion bee flower
Our green onions are going to seed. We’ll let them do that, then we’ll have green onions volunteering everywhere. Best way to grow green onions.

Bonus tip: if you have green onions from the market, you can plant the root end and they will start to produce more greens. Keep snipping the greens and you’ll have a semi-perennial crop for at least 6 months.

Grow something during this crazy time. You’ll feel better, I promise. Gardening soothes the soul, is great exercise, and you get to eat the harvest!

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