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Mittens spends quality time patrolling the back corner of the garden - a thoroughfare for rats.

Wordless Wednesday: November Test Garden Growth

The Gardenerd Test Garden is now fully planted and life is popping up from the soil. Whether you are just getting started on your fall garden, or shutting down for winter, we offer these images as inspiration for your next garden.

What’s Popping Up in the Test Garden

Stinging nettle volunteers wordless wednesday
Stinging nettles willfully volunteer each year in our garden. Great in soups and as a preventative mildew spray.
All Blue and Yukon Gold potatoes are popping up in the potato patch
lettuces and mustard sprouts
10 different lettuces and 3 types of mustard are sprouting under cover
Nasturtium volunteers wordless wednesday
Nasturtiums are making a return after a dry summer.
Chickens stilllife
Still life with chickens. It’s hard to catch them standing still. This was a rare moment.

New Life Springs Forth

loquats setting fruit
Our loquat tree is setting fruit as we head into cooler weather.
Everbearing strawberries jump back into action now that the weather is cooler. We should have a crop in December. It’s time to clean up the dead biomass around each plant.

Things to Do

Fuji apples
Two of the last four remaining Fuji apples that the rats didn’t get this summer. We’ll cover these with protective netting until they’re ready to harvest.
Ginger ready
Our tiny pot of ginger is ready to harvest
Blackberry canes
It’s time to prune back the blackberry bramble. Watch our video on how we do that.

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