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Fresh goji berries! A treat we didn't know would grow well here. Apparently they grow well in containers.

Wordless Wednesday: Keep Going!

Summer winds down and our thoughts turn to fall gardening, or for some, the end of the season. Sometimes it’s hard to move forward when all we want to do is take a nap or escape to some far-off place. But the cycle continues; there is no rest for the gardener. Along the way, we can pause to enjoy the beauty of the summer garden. In honor of those affected by Hurricane Harvey, here’s a little inspiration to keep going.

Fuji apples near readiness. Hope for the future even if these are the only apples on the tree this year.
White Sugar Lump Watermelons set fruit with the promise of sweetness at summer’s end.
Mint flowers provide pollinators with summer nectar. Add to lemonade for cool refreshment on these hot days.
Sprouting seed potatoes for fall planting in October. Start now and plant when sprouts are short and bushy.
Tangerine flowers on a new tree. Hope persists for fruit in early spring.
Fresh goji berries! A treat we didn’t know would grow well here. Apparently they grow well in containers.
Now is the perfect time for lemon verbena ice cream. Use 1 oz. of leaves steeped in creme for a delicious treat this summer.

We hope these tidbits of inspiration will help you keep going this summer. Take a breath and enjoy the signs of seasonal change in your garden.

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