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the bees love these lime geranium flowers

Wordless Wednesday: Garden Changes

Memorial Day symbolizes the official start of summer. While the astronomical start of summer is still a few weeks away, the garden changes happening now affirm that summer is here. Here’s some inspiration to welcome in summer and all its garden glory.

First Fruits and Veggies

Russian Queen tomato flowers are bursting open. They did well for us last year. Hopefully we’ll have the same luck this year.
Stowell’s Evergreen sweet corn with squash volunteering between. We still need to pull the rogue blackberry cane coming up in front of the bed.
Salad leaf basil is sending out leaves. We’ve also planted Rutgers Obsession and Rutgers Devotion to combat basil down mildew.
Blackberries are nearly ready to pick. They are still firm, so when they soften up a tad, and come of the stem easily, they are ready.
Pomegranate flowers are busting out all over. A sure sign of summer garden changes.
Apple blossoms are starting to open. We hope to get the fruits before the rats do this year.
Our hens line up for treats: kale, arugula, and spent lettuces.

And the Flowers!

perennial alfalfa is flowering the most beautiful blue
Comfrey starts to flower. The leaves are medicinal and we love that it comes back every year.
The purple native bulbs, Triteleia laxa, opened up this week.
The bees love these lime geranium flowers. They get upset when we try to prune or deadhead the plant, in fact. So this plant is on the leggy side.

The garden changes indicate the passage of time, and they call us out to tend the land. Before it gets too hot, enjoy this time in your garden. There’s so much to do and see and plant out there.

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