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Brassicas move from under grow lights to garden beds.

Wordless Wednesday: Fall Gardening is ON!

There’s a sense of newness as the fall garden comes to life. Seeds burst forth, transplanted seedlings grow new leaves, and empty spaces fill in with color and texture. While folks in certain parts of the country shut down their gardens for winter, we’re just getting started. Here’s some inspiration for the week for fall gardening.

Brassicas before planting
Brassicas move from under grow lights to garden beds.
hexagonal spacing for shelling peas
Hexagonal spacing for a shelling pea cover crop
Lettuces and mustard greens
Lettuces and mustard greens fill in a previously empty bed.
Radishes have taken over in just a week.
Minutina thrives
Minutina thrives in cool weather.
Kohlrabi under cover
Kohlrabi under floating row cover.
carrots sprouted
Carrots have true leaves so it’s time to thin. Need help with that? Watch this video.
Nasturtiums are beginning to feel at home again now that the weather is cool, just in time for fall gardening.
Straggler tomatoes
Tomatoes are still producing, though in small amounts. Just enough to top a sandwich. We’re using maggot barriers to keep the rats away and it’s increased our harvest notably. Not 100% but better than without protection.
luffah harvest
Our second luffah harvest. Gourds go from being squash to being a shower scrubber. Its new life begins after the old skin is peeled away.

If your garden is done for the season, take heart. Seed catalogs will begin to show up in your mailbox soon. Spring will be here before you know it. For the rest of us, enjoy fall gardening to its fullest!

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