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Ladybugs and larva are eating all the aphids. Some are moving on to the pupa stage for fall.

Wordless Wednesday: Bridge The Gap from Summer to Fall

It’s that time where it’s too soon to plant fall crops in Los Angeles (watching the 10-day forecast for temps under 73 degrees), and the summer garden is waning. We’re still harvesting, but things have slowed down enough to breath. We’re bridging the gap between summer and fall with some deep breathing and rest, before life gets crazy again. Enjoy this inspiration and breathe deep for a moment.

Volunteer tomato
A yellow cherry volunteer tomato is producing well.
Mystery pepper
The mystery pepper turned out to be a bell. We’re letting it turn orange.
Tithonia is happy and flourishing in our flower garden.
Milkweed and ladybugs
Ladybugs are busy eating orange aphids on a small milkweed plant. We’ll be cutting this down in late fall, but for now it serves as a trap crop for aphids.
Anaheim pepper wordless wednesday
Anaheim peppers are still doing well even though the leaves are starting to wane.

Bridging the Gap – from Harvest to Heartbreak

luffa eaten by rats
Sad luffa has been nibbled on by rats. It will still serve a purpose when we dry it out for the shower.
Apple maggot bags rats
Apple maggot bags lie sadly on the ground, every single apple eaten by rats. Last year the bags worked great. This year the rats have outsmarted us (and every trap and bait we’ve tried so far).

Bridge the Gap – from Setbacks to Hope

tree kale babies
A set of tree kale babies are kept safe under cloches. Find out how we do it here.
pink rose
Some color still shows up in the garden once in a while.
Blood orange wordless Wednesday
Our Valencia blood orange has fruit in its first year. We’re excited to have a blood orange in the garden.

We may be discouraged about the rats and rat damage for the time being, but there’s enough beauty and hope for a great fall season to keep us going. May this help you bridge the gap from summer to fall in your own garden. Fall will soon be here!

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  1. Shelley Klein

    Our dogs keep the rats away!

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