Wordless Wednesday – A Cranking Fall Garden

Winter is coming, but fall is still here. If there’s one message this Wordless Wednesday coveys, it’s that fall gardening is the best growing season in Southern California. If you’re not growing in fall/winter, you’re missing out! Here’s what’s happening in our Test Garden right now. Come see it on December 16th in person!

wordless wednesday kale

Kale varieties include Siberian, Lacinato, Red Russian, Scarlet, Vates Blue Curly and Tronchuda Beira.

wordless wednesday Kamut

Kamut brand Khorasan grows over winter for a spring harvest.

wordless wednesday green tomatoes

Missouri Pink tomatoes are still producing. We’ll ripen them indoors if the weather stays cool.

wordless wednesday parsnips

Parnsips need thinning in order to produce strong roots. We’ll thin them down to one every 3″.

wordless wednesday loquats

Can you believe we have a second crop of loquats forming on the tree? Those late-summer hot days triggered a ton of fruit-set.

wordless wednesday snap peas

Sugar Snap peas climb the trellis. They grow much better in fall than in spring here.

wordless wednesday chickens

Two of our three hens are still molting from summer. Will they start laying again before winter? Fingers crossed.

See all this in person!

Come see how much our Test Garden has grown in 2 weeks on December 16th at our first ever Gardenerd HQ Fall Test Garden Tour. Donations accepted, refreshments served. Bring your gardening questions.

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