Starting Them Young

On Easter, I spent some time with my brother and his wife and their 20 month year old daughter, Arianwen (that’s a Welsh name, pronounced Ar-e-ahn-wen).  Not only am I completely in love with this child, I am completely biased in believing that everything she does is magical and fabulous.  This Easter proved to be no different, when Arianwen began to garden right before my eyes.

Since it fits into our theme, I felt compelled to share some home videos.  I know, I know, it’s ridiculous to think that anyone would be interested in watching my niece garden, but it’s just so darn cute, I couldn’t resist.

For those who need the translation for kidspeak, she’s saying “weeds”, “dirt” and “good job”, and yes, that is my voice in the background narrating and filming.

Do you have any gardening/child joys to share?  Post them here.

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