Gardenerd on Homegrown

Today was a first for  We got radio exposure!  I met Carol Banker at a party recently and she invited me to be a guest on her internet radio talk show, Homegrown.   She and her co-host Chris Donnelley discuss all topics of interest that fall under the category of locavore.  Here is their mission statement:

we think, believe, attempt, celebrate and explore making conscious choices when buying food, products and services.

know giving out business to the local hardware store over a giant
conglomerate big box store means supporting our neighbors and our

we know that
growing our own food (when possible) and buying food and goods directly
from the farmer (and butcher, baker and candlestick maker) means food
that is fresh, pesticide free, not genetically modified, has intense
flavor and has traveled a relatively short distance giving the bonus of
helping to lessen our carbon footprint. and, again, we are supporting
our neighbors and our community.

we believe in sharing any information we can to help other people make conscious choices

They had listeners tuned in from all over the country. Carol, Chris asked great questions about how to get a vegetable garden started, and I answered them at length – for an hour.  I warned them that I can talk about gardening for hours.  They were gracious enough to allow me to wax rhapsodic about the benefits of organic vegetable gardening.  Here is the link to hear the show.  Let us know what you think.

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