A Mid-winter’s dream

We’re very near the end of our website-building journey here at Gardenerd.com.  My dream is to have the site launched in time for my birthday (February 11th).  We’ll see how close to that we get.  February also marks the 2 year anniversary of the beginning of Gardenerd.com.  I launched the shop on CafePress.com in February of 2005 and have been working on the next phase ever since.  (In between selling a house, buying a house, moving twice, beginning a renovation and, well… we’re still renovating.)  Which brings up my next point: after we finish renovating the house, we plan to start on the yard.  We purchased a house with a large back yard – a rare find in Los Angeles – and we have great plans.  I intend to document our progress on the Gardenerd Blog with photos and the whole shebang.  That means plenty of Gardenerd geekiness on the way!

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