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A Gardenerd’s Wish List, 2010

Each year it is a family tradition to form a wish list in October for holiday gift-giving ease.  Inevitably, my wish list gravitates toward garden gear.  I’m sure my family is sick of it by now, but when you’re a gardener, what else do you need?

It has become a Gardenerd tradition to share the wish list on the blog, not to solicit gifts, but to revert back to childhood and dream big together.  Here’s what I hope Santa brings this year:

Patriot Electric Wood Chipper/Shredder



This item would help resolve a few disputes regarding how small pieces should be chopped before adding them to the compost bin.

Tomatofest’s Cooler Coastal Tomato Seed Collection








In order to be prepared for another overcast summer, I’m going to have to find room in my overstuffed seed jar for these seeds.  This seed collection is geared toward coastal areas where tomato growing can be a challenge in foggy weather.  Confession – I ordered them for myself already  – a major Christmas faux pas.

Rosalind Creasy’s Edible Landscaping



Her new book that came out in May, 2010 is a great one for the shelf of any gardenerd.  It highlights theme gardens and beautiful ways to integrate edibles into any landscape.


Growing Fruit – by Alan Buckingham





With all the fruit trees in my life, I want a dedicated book (with pretty pictures) on fruit growing, pruning and care.  Another staple of the gardenerd’s bookshelf.

Chicken Keeping Supplies

Our plan is to build a chicken coop soon and start raising a few chickens.  We’ll need supplies for that endeavor. Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden Supply has a full selection of organic feed and watering supplies.  We’re in love with everything they have:

Backyard Chicken feeders and coops










Of course, the best gift is gardening itself.  We’re thrilled to have space to grow our own food, and even more thrilled that we can share the fun of it with all you fellow gardenerds.  ‘Tis the season to celebrate, indeed!

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