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Sarah O'Neil, known as Sarah the Gardener, is at home in her garden.

Podcast: New Zealand Gardening with Sarah O’Neil

Sarah O’Neil is known as Sarah the Gardener in New Zealand, where she grows most of her own food. She’s an author of 3 books, an award-winning blogger, and a keenly adventurous gardener.

We chat about her new garden, gardening with kids (check out her great ideas to keep them interested!), growing in uncertain weather, and more. Sarah gives us the perspective of growing in the Southern Hemisphere.

Sarah the Gardener
Sarah O’Neil in her natural habitat.

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Sarah O'Neil's Garden
Sarah’s garden by the sea, including SheShed and biodome.
We met Sarah when she participated in our Where’s Gardenerd world tour. Sarah took Mr. Nerd for a spin around the corn patch.
Sarah O'Neil's garden by the sea
See Sarah’s Sea Garden (Tasman Sea in the background behind the house).


Visit Sarah the Gardener’s website here

Watch Sarah’s most recent video here

Find Sarah’s books The Good Life: Four Glorious Seasons in My Country Garden; Play in the Garden; and Growing Vegetables: An Easy Guide for All Seasons

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  1. Abraham Johnson

    I’m really impressed by your garden by the sea. I want to grow ornamental trees in my own garden. This article helps me a lot. Though it required a lot of labor and tools.

    Keep up the good posting, Cristy.

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