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Podcast: Jill Ragan

This week on the Gardenerd Tip of the Week Podcast we chat with Jill Ragan, head gardener at Whispering Willow Farm. She and her family grow food for themselves and a CSA in Central Arkansas.

Her new book, Tiny but Mighty Farm, is about cultivating high-yields and self-sufficiency from a home farm. We talk about what to think through before starting a homestead or farm, and Jill shares her tips for keeping it all running smoothly.

Jill Ragan at work on her farm

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The raised bed garden at Whispering Willow Farm

Resources – Jill Ragan

Visit the website for Whispering Willow Farm

Follow Jill Ragan on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube

Get Jill’s book, Tiny But Mighty Farm here

Some of Jill’s favorite’s mentioned in the podcast:

Johnny’s Seeds – Succession planting guides

Seed Time Planner – for plotting out crops in succession in a market garden

Soil Blocks – Jill likes the Mini (Micro) 20 most

72 cell air prune propagation tray – available in many colors

Bootstrap Farmer – supplies for greenhouses, high tunnels, and seed starting.

Tomatoes growing under protection

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