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This Hungarian Heart was one of two that grow to a size we've never seen before.

Podcast: Spring Tips with Christy

Aaaaand we’re back with spring tips with Christy! Our first podcast of 2023 gives you an update on what’s growin’ on here at Gardenerd HQ, as well as helpful To-Dos for your winter/early spring garden.

If you’re still under snow – hang on to these tips for later. If your garden is going gangbusters after all the rain, dig into this podcast.

Purple and green broccoli harvest from our winter garden.

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It’s time to prune back blackberries and other cane berries (and roses). Listen for more tips on timing and to-dos.


NorthWest Flower and Garden Festivalcome to one of the biggest garden shows in the country and chat with Christy after her 2 classes.

Heirloom Expo – Join Christy for fun and learning opportunities at the greatest pure food festival around. Come for the speakers (Christy will be one of them), stay for the seeds and celebration.

Need help pruning your roses? Check out our popular simple video.

Is pruning blackberries daunting? Watch our blackberry pruning video for guidance.

Seeds we mentioned:

Wallace Labswhere we get our soil tests done professionally

Spring Planning
Spring planning is fun!

Enjoy these spring tips with Christy and get ready for another growing season. We’re here to help you along the way.

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