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Alexia Allen shares her living space with animals and harvested food.

Podcast: Hand to Mouth with Alexia Allen

Alexia Allen lives on Hawthorn Farm in Washington state, where she and her husband spent the entire year of 2017 eating only hand-harvested food. They farm on 8 acres, teach classes, and raise chickens, rabbits, ducks, goats, ponies, and house several barn cats.

Alexia and the other members of her “farmily” work together to grow food, and share wilderness living skills. Today we chat about their adventure and the planning it took to live off the land for a year.

Hawthorn Farm
Hawthorn Farm

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Resources for Alexia Allen and Hawthorn Farm

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And take a look at their programs

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Life at Hawthorn Farm
Life at Hawthorn Farm
Winter squash
Sometimes winter squash comes with instructions. 🙂

Take the challenge, to whatever degree you can. Maybe 1 day per month? 1 day per year? Explore the possibilities and enjoy the experiment as you do!

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