You are currently viewing Podcast: Gardening for Wellness with Shawna Coronado
Shawna in her Sunshine Garden that was featured in Groundbreaking Garden Designs.

Podcast: Gardening for Wellness with Shawna Coronado

Our guest on the Gardenerd tip of the Week Podcast this week is Shawna Coronado. She’s a gardener, photographer, a radio and TV personality, a healthy lifestyle expert, and author of 7 books, including The Wellness Garden, and Stacked with Flavor.

We chat with Shawna about her personal journey with a debilitating degenerative disease, and she shares the changes she made to create a healthy life for herself. In addition, she doles out a great tips (find more in her book 101 Organic Gardening Hacks).

Shawna Coronado
Shawna Coronado with her 2017 book, The Wellness Garden.

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Find Shawna’s books on her website here.

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Also, one of Shawna’s tips: grow these rabbit repelling basils: Globe and Thai

Oh, and don’t forget to watch this drone tour of Shawna’s garden.

Shawna Coronado sunshine garden
Shawna in her Sunburst Garden that Niki Jabbour featured in Groundbreaking Garden Designs.
Shawna Coronado wall garden
Shawna’s book on vertical gardening is packed with ideas.
Stacked with Flavor
Pre-order Shawna’s Newest book, Stacked with Flavor.

Gardening integrates wellness and good food all in one place. So, grow your own, and live a longer, happier life.

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