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Gardenerd at Large – Planting Fall Gardens

It’s been busy these last few months.  It seems that everyone wants a garden, and I’m happy to help. 

Today I helped a family in Corona Del Mar to plant a garden in a small space in their back yard.  The space was occupied with a couple of recently planted fruit trees that weren’t yet established, and some shrubs.  After measuring the space and making some suggestions for plant removal, we were on our way.


They had their gardener move the trees to the front yard and remove the foliage against the fence.  Once the initial design layout was complete, a friend of the family runs a local landscaping business had offered to build raised beds for their new garden.  They not only built the beds, but they took care of installing irrigation, the beds and mulch, so all we needed to do was plant.

I picked up two flats of fall crops and the home owner added a few things to the mix.  Here’s what we had altogether:

2 kinds of Kale
Mustard Greens
Brussels Sprouts
Sugar and Snow Peas
Swiss Chard

and some beneficial and edible flowers:

Sweet Peas

Within an hour they had a growing garden, and what a beautiful garden it is:


As part of the design, I suggested wooden trellises along the fence.  The homeowner plans to find some willow trellises for the peas and sweet peas to grow up.  She also bought a composter and has begun composting the kitchen scraps. (you can see it off in the right corner).

They are very excited to see how the garden grows, and of course, look forward to enjoying the harvest. 

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