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Review: Mockmill Stone Flour Mill

Homesteader nerd-alert: Los Angeles Bread Bakers held a Meetup at the King’s Roost where Paul LeBeau of Wolfgang Mock was slated to be the guest speaker. He’d also raffle off 2 Mockmills in a free raffle, and a 3rd in … Continue reading

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Look Ma – Homemade Bread in 5 Minutes!

One benefit of taking a long airplane trip is that a tremendous amount of reading is accomplished. During my trip to Italy – land of wonderful food and bread – I read Jeff Hertzberg and Zoë
Francois’s book, Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day. It has changed the way I think about making bread.

Confession: I have a bread machine, and while I learned how to make bread the old fashioned way prior to getting the bread machine (*cringe* – 20 years ago), I must admit that …
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Zucchini Overload Solution: Zucchini Bread Cookies

There are some years that I don’t plant zucchini because I’m still sick of it from the year before. This was not one of those years. Admittedly, summer squash doesn’t hold my interest as long as
winter squash is around, but I wanted to try a new variety of summer squash. But wait…

First let’s clarify something. Summer squash grows in the summer. Winter squash… grows in the summer. The difference is in the storage. Summer squash has to be consumed during the summer,
but winter squash stores through the winter (think pumpkins, …
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