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Dana Morgan, adorned in Red Fife wheat.

Podcast: Sourdough Bread with Dana Morgan

Sourdough bread is addictive. Once you learn how to make it you want to perfect it. You gain weight testing loaf after loaf, but it’s worth every pound. Because bread is the staff of life, and sourdough is a living food. This week’s guest on the Gardenerd Tip of the Week Podcast is Dana Morgan of Los Angeles Bread Bakers (L.A.B.B.).

Dana teaches sourdough bread making classes, and organizes events for L.A.B.B., including monthly bakes at the Westchester Community Oven in Westchester, CA. Bakers gather to share trade secrets and bake pizzas and breads in a wood-fired oven. Bread brings people together; it is the essence of community.

Sourdough Bread with Dana Morgan

Dana Morgan, adorned in Red Fife wheat.

Listen in to learn about growing wheat, milling it, and of course baking with it. Dana discusses her favorite varieties of wheat to grow. We talk mills, whole grains, and techniques. You don’t want to miss this.

Flour, water, salt and starter are the only ingredients in this loaf. Long rise (4 hours with turns every 1/2 hour), and then overnight refrigeration make this loaf great.

If you’re local, join in the monthly bread bakes though MeetUp. If you’re not local, check out this video snippet of one of Dana’s classes on spelt bread making. Oh, and suggested reading from Dana:

Elements of Pizza – by Ken Forkish

Tartine Bread – by Chad Robertson

and one from Gardenerd:

Josie Baker Bread – by Josie Baker

Listen to the Podcast here and start baking your own sourdough bread. It’s healthy and delicious!

Home grown grains for breads and baked goods. So satisfying!

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