Design: Urban Farm

A new garden gives purpose to a huge, flat, barren backyard. Watch as we transform the space into a flourishing food garden.

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Design: Productive Patio Garden

We specialize in small-space biointensive gardening here at Gardenerd, so we get a lot of calls to install patio gardens from eager folks with limited space and sunlight. Our latest…

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Design: Vertical Patio Garden Delight

We recently created a tidy vertical garden for a busy business woman in Marina del Rey. Her condominium patio didn't allow room for a full-sized garden, and tight quarters limited…

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Design: From Pool To Garden

Back in 2016 we got a call from a woman who had a swimming pool but wanted a vegetable garden. She had already taken steps to fill in her swimming…

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Design: My First Garden

It's fall, and garden installations are top on our list. Last week we created a starter garden for a health-conscious couple and their young boys. They all want to know…

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Design: A Cozy Caged Garden

While Los Angeles may be a concrete jungle, we still have wild animals lurking about the garden. Our most recent garden installation was designed to protect new seedlings from wandering…

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Design: Southern Hemisphere Garden

We recently completed a landscaping project for a homeowner from South Africa. He wanted a lush and colorful landscape that is drought tolerant and low maintenance. At the same time,…

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