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Basils, chives, sage, oregano, thyme and parsley all grow well in containers.

Design: Productive Patio Garden

We specialize in small-space biointensive gardening here at Gardenerd, so we get a lot of calls to install patio gardens from eager folks with limited space and sunlight. Our latest patio garden project gave the homeowner an herb garden, a space for veggies, and a few new fruit and berry crops in a small space.

The homeowner has 2 children who were interested in eating home-grown veggies. They also like to play basketball and jump on a trampoline, so most of the yard was dedicated to these pursuits. That left a strip of driveway with morning and mid-day sun.

The side yard driveway gave us the perfect location for a small garden.

Fruit and Herbs

Mom and sons wanted herbs, and a space for growing summer crops. We outfitted them with two MiniFarmBox Rolling Patio Boxes. We found snazzy fiberglass pots for 3 new citrus trees (one shown below) and two blueberries.

Navel Orange (left) along with lime and lemon trees (not shown) will grow nicely in pots on the property. Two different blueberry varieties (middle & right) will help each other grow next spring.

The garden is located right outside the kitchen door, so the family will have fresh herbs to pick all winter long.

Basils, chives, sage, oregano, thyme, cilantro, and parsley all grow well in containers.

Veggies too!

Right next door, we planted a beefsteak tomato and a zucchini plant. After those finish we’ll put in lettuces and other greens for winter.

Zucchini and tomatoes will give the family a taste of summer before winter comes.

Mint, in its own pot, of course, rounds out the garden. The whole thing is set up on a battery operated timer connected to a nearby hose spigot with a pressure reducer. This will keep the garden watered and thriving.

Mint in an existing pot gets watered on a timer.

The home owner is happy with her new garden and looks forward to harvesting herbs, veggies and fruit as her kids watch them grown.

A new patio garden will give fruit and veggies year-round without taking up too much space.

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